A Deeper Look at NADA Show Exhibitor Pitch Competition Winner DAS Technology

By Sheryll Poe

DAS Technology Co-Founder and CEO Alexi Venneri had a very simple vision when she founded her customer engagement technology company 14 years ago – a way to talk to auto retail customers before they go online to complain about their experience.

“There wasn’t a way to know what consumers were saying about your dealership, we had the idea to make it easier,” Venneri said during a Friday session at the NADA Show Live Stage. Venneri and DAS Technology won the 30-minute slot thanks to snagging first place in the second annual Exhibitor Pitch Competition.

The first product Venneri came up with was a new process for surveying customers at time of sale to find out what they liked. “To turn the process around and give dealers a tool to send a text to ask how the process is going,” she said.

From there, Venneri created Digital Air Strike, a social media, intelligent lead response technology and consumer engagement company helping businesses increase consumer response and conversions in digital and social media environments while generating measurable ROI.

The company has exploded, and now partners with 206 vendors and offers services to thousands of auto dealerships. Today, DAS Technology divisions include Digital Air Strike, AUTOVATE, BestRide.com, LotVantage and 3 Birds.

“We cover a lot. It’s a unicorn to think of one partner who is out there and covers A-to-Z, but we’re pretty close,” said Scott Pechstein, SVP of Business Development, who joined Venneri on stage during the session.

One of DAS’s newest products is its comprehensive consumer data experience or CDXP platform, which harnessing the data power of a dealership’s DMS and CRM to ensure the entire customer communications journey is hitting on all cylinders, Pechstein explained.

The irony of winning the Exhibitor Pitch Competition is that they don’t pitch their products, according to Pechstein and Venneri. “Our sales force doesn’t pitch, they consult,” Pechstein said. “We don’t recommend a solution until we know what your challenges are.”

But whatever your communications and marketing challenges are, DAS Technology is confident they have your technology solution. Visit them at Booth 3101W for more information.

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We have been relying on lead response for quite some time now. It has been instrumental in helping us capture valuable customer leads, with nearly 27% of them coming through within 60 days of their initial interaction with the system.
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After meeting DAS Technology at NADA 2023, we made the decision to work with them. It has been a pleasure to see the undeniable growth in online customer traffic, proving that our decision to switch from our previous vendor was a wise one.
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