NADA: Exhibitor chats from the show floor

Feb. 8, 2024 – By Todd Phillips

The Canadian auto dealer team logged countless kilometers roaming the enormous exhibit halls at the NADA Show 2024 in Las Vegas where more than 500 exhibitors competed for attention. They were showcasing their latest and greatest inside two conference halls that occupied a space equivalent in size to 12 football fields! Our team had dozens of conversations on the show floor with exhibitors and attendees. Here are some of the highlights of what vendors are offering this year and what they are talking about with dealers.

DAS Technology
Alexi Venneri, Co-Founder and CEO

“We’ve had our biggest year ever. We’re now in 32 countries, so it’s been fun. The best thing is our team. We just love helping consumers and our dealers. This year at NADA, we had a record number of appointments set by clients and prospects, so that’s been exciting. Years ago when we started, there were no real studies of consumers of social media behaviour. So we do our own studies. We found 59% of consumers in the survey said their dealership didn’t send them a survey or even ask them to leave a review. That’s crazy to me, because consumers are willing to do it. Would you like to let us know how it went? And how was your experience in service? What influenced you to ultimately buy where you did it? What method of communication did the dealer use or do you wish they had? Another interesting finding was that only 2.4% of survey respondents were interested in doing their vehicle purchase fully online. I always feel if you listen to consumers, and you try over time to fix the processes that aren’t working well, they will be more likely to refer others to your dealership.”

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