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Discover the Winning Combination of Our CDXP Platform, Thought Leadership, and Client-Focused Services Driving Seamless Engagement and Competitiveness.

DAS Technology Divisions

Together, our divisions aim to deliver seamless consumer engagement experiences for retailers, partners, and OEMs, striving to be at the forefront of digital transformation through SaaS-based solutions and thought leadership.

CDXP Technology used by over 9,200 retailers to attract, convert, and retain more customers.

Deal-making automotive conference paired with year-round insights from top industry analysts.

The most customer-centric inventory marketplace with built-in engagement solutions to boost CSI.

Partner program providing award-winning CX tech to agencies, media, and technology companies.

Digital evaluation scorecards for manufacturers, large dealer groups, associations, and agencies.


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Our Customers

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DAS Drives 92% of Desktop Traffic

Working with DAS has been a game-changer for our Microsoft Automotive Inventory Ads. The insights provided by the data were beyond impressive, driving a whopping 92% of desktop traffic for Piazza.
George Brunath
Piazza Automotive

We are Closing Many More Deals

We have been relying on lead response for quite some time now. It has been instrumental in helping us capture valuable customer leads, with nearly 27% of them coming through within 60 days of their initial interaction with the system.
Chip Diggs
Seelye Auto Group

We are Getting Way More Traffic with DAS

After meeting with DAS at NADA 2023, we made the decision to work with them. It has been a pleasure to see the undeniable growth in online customer traffic, proving that our decision to switch from our previous vendor was a wise one.
Jeanette Pendas
Vara Chevrolet

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